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iPad Apps

  • The first app in this series in Educreations , which allows you to create and share video lessons. You can use this on your computer or on your iPad. It records your voice and your actions as you "teach" the lesson on the screen. This would be great to leave for a sub! You could also create individual lessons for students and have them accessing different lessons on iPads or computers. There are plenty of posted examples to get you started. 


  • The next app you're going to want to check out is Today in History Lite. It's the easiest way to get the history information you want when you want it. 


  • I haven't gotten to fully explore this app yet, but Lino  looks really cool!   Picture a bulletin board hanging in your office, covered in sticky notes. Now imagine that bulletin board on your iPad...that's about the best way I can describe it. You can also place videos and pictures on your "bulletin board" to share with friends and family. Click on "What is Lino" when you visit the site to see all of the features. 


  • Take a look at History Pin . This is a downloadable app, but you could also just use the website on your SmartBoard. When you get to the main page, click on "map". The site allows you to type in any place and it brings up pictures that have been "pinned" concerning the location. This would be great to use for building background knowledge in a variety of subjects! 


Just a few small things that might make a big difference:

  • If you send a parent a certified letter, make sure you send a regular letter as well.
  • If you send a draft of the IEP for the parent to look at before the meeting, make sure you write the word DRAFT diagonally across the page.
  •  If you email a parent at work, be careful about confidentiality. Think about what you are saying in the email and if these emails were ever used in a court case, for example, would the content breach the student's confidentiality?

Literacy Folder Contents

1.   Formal Assessment

  • AIMSweb (4 - 12)
  • Dibels
  • Dash
  • Unique

2.   Informal Assessment

  • Literacy Rubric
  • The Bridge
  • Intervention Planning Tool

3.  Portfolio Pieces

  • Samples of student work (video and audio clips, if possible)

4.   Literacy Experiences Summary

  • Filled out at the end of the year

5.  Literacy Grade Level Expectations Chart

  • Recommended that the GLEs for Literacy be summarized into a chart, to be placed on the inside page of the Literacy folder as a visible reminder of literacy targets throughout the school year.

Ipod Touch: Apps for Education

Communication Apps

ABA Flash Cards-set of 52 images, learn actions via text photo, and real audio

iCommunicate-Pre-loaded pics and storyboards

Proloquo2go-Full AAC solution

Sign 4 Me-more than 1200 signs, learn American Sign Language from a 3D Avatar

Organization Apps

IEP Checklist-provides a list of items (with description) to complete for an IEP

iReward-motivation chard, choose the behavior, the reward from your camera or photos

myHomework-keep track of homework, classes, test, and projects

Reading Apps

ABC Animals-interactive animal flashcards with audio

abc Pocket Phonics-letter sounds, letter writing practice, and 170 first words

eTextbooks-access your eTextbooks to read them and view your notes

ICDL Books for Children-thousands of children's books

Math Apps

123 Animals Counting-touch 40 different animals with sounds to see and hear numbers counted

Cloud Math-practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with a timer, levels of difficulty, and solution choices

Coin Math-learn how to add and match coins, and pay for items

Music Apps

Drum Kit-create and record drum tracks as you're playing along to songs from your iPod library

Preschool Music-musical activities that include colorful, interactive illustrations

Five Little Monkeys-musical counting game based on the popular rhyme

Toddler Jukebox-children's songs

Art Apps

Itsy Bitsy Spider-musical coloring image with 70 elements to paint

SculptMaster 3D-using your fingers, create digital sculptures by painting clay-like material

Game Apps


Paper Toss

Pickin' Stix




Creative Educational Uses for Office Products

We often get into the "buy, buy, buy" frame of mind, but don't forget about these programs you use everyday to perform in your classroom!


* Vocabulary Review                                                                       

* Spelling

*Digital Storytelling

* Tutorials/Reviews

*Visual poetry

*Flash cards

*Electronic books

* Alternative to written reports

* Online presentations


*Outline feature-use to organize or sequence a list

*Outline for brainstorming

*Forms Toolbar-use to creat cloze comprehension passages

If you have students with any communication concerns, check out this website: www.aacintervention.com

Offers tips and tricks and descriptions of different products as well as a run-down on how to use them.

Reading Sites

Math Websites

Social Studies Sites